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LARGE Treats
$1.75 each

BEEF & BACON TWISTS These are one of our MOST popular, large size dog treats. They are a long flat style twist that have fresh, crisp bacon & beef stirred into the dough & are baked until CRISP. 

KNOT BONES  One of our classic treats sense the beginning. This dog treat is perfect for those pooches that really enjoy chewing. It is a VERY HARD & CRUNCHY dog treat. TIP: For those who have a dog that is a hard core chewer, try placing them in the freezer first for an extra challenge. *NOTE: Knot Bone treats are NOT an actual bone.*


FETCHIN" STICKS  These dog treats taste way better than wood, not that we've tried them... This treat is a VERY HARD CRUNCHY stick that looks similar to a bread stick but can be snapped into smaller portions or given as is & of course thrown for a game of fetch. (NO MILK)

"Bite Me!" BISCUITS   This dog treat says it all. Our original WHEAT FREE recipe comes in four standard flavors & to keep things interesting  the shapes change depending on the season & holiday.

BEEF (no wheat, no milk)

PEANUT BUTTER (no wheat, no corn)

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